Dear Readers, Welcome to the 1st Magazine issue of Realistic Poetry International’s, The Valiant: Heroes United! An extended version of the Poets Are Heroes Magazine, specifically created and tailored to provide a literary publication/platform that encourages not only the art of expression by writing poetry, but also the unification of poets by promoting a more supportive, resourceful, impactful, and active poetry community, overall. This extended edition will feature poetry and poets, only, from all over the world, covering a wide array of topics and subjects, from politics and technology, to marriage and relationships, the diversity of subjects is limitless. And through compelling poems and exclusive testimonials and personal, intimate statements, readers will enjoy meaningful poetry, uninterrupted, while poets can take advantage of the perfect setting and atmosphere to connect, support, read, and become active in the poetry community! As firm believers in the significance and necessity of support, we understand that one of the most valuable assets we have in the poetry community is one another. Considering this, we hope that this magazine can inspire and motivate you, your friends, and family to get involved and become active by showing an act (or acts) of support to your peer(s). Together, and with genuine hearts, souls, and minds to preserve the delicate and precious legacy of poetry, poets can be the sole catalyst in assisting with the art of poetry’s growth, activity, and efficiency. Regardless of the changes the world goes through, as heroes united, we must aim to establish a community in which the words of poets do not go unheard, unread, or unnoticed. A community and a world where every poet has a fair opportunity to be heard and sustain. And it begins with you. Taking the time to understand and reflect upon another poet’s words is the beginning to an effective, authentic, and dynamic poetry world. We hope that through the life of this magazine, poets truly do indulge in the opportunity to discuss and contemplate on some of the most important and relevant topics of our lives and society, and celebrate the beauty of their individuality, collectively.


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